We believe in the power of giving back.

Daisie Robinson, like the flower she was named after, believed in new beginnings, and throughout her life she spread a message of hope and renewal to women and children who were lacking the energy, warmth, or joy that she offered. Of course, Daisie couldn’t help others transform their lives on her own, and enlisted the help of her children and grandchildren to help in her crusade of changing lives and making an impact.

After all, the daisy itself is not a single flower, but represents the unity of two different flowers blended together in perfect balance. As you’ll find in nature, the center petals are different from those that surround it; yet together, they form the symbol of family, patience, virtue, and quiet strength that we cherish today.

And through our relationship with generous partners, community organizations, and business entities, we strive to strike the same balance between passion and action. It is through this delicate dance that we have been able to bless over 1200 children, 150 teachers, and hundreds of mothers with our philanthropic efforts.

If you would like to join or donate towards these efforts, please contact us at events@daisiefoundation.org. Because giving is who we are, but we can’t give as much without you.