Meet Daisie

We are a movement built to serve women and children throughout our most overlooked communities.

We do this by following the example set by the late Daisie Robinson.

A hero in her own community, Daisie believed that we all have a reason for being here and that everyone – no matter their social, financial, or marital status – can make a difference in this world. She believed that you matter, and so do we.

That’s why, through our various initiatives & partnerships, we’ve been able to empower thousands of deserving mothers and children – and we’re just getting started. From Mother’s Day Makeovers and Holiday Outreach to our forthcoming Youth Empowerment Programs, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is continuing Daisie’s legacy to create a better day and a better life for those who deserve it most.

And like Daisie always said,
“Everyday is an awesome day! What are you going to do with it?”

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Daisie believed in three things: faith, family, and community.

It was her faith that led her to believe that your current circumstances are not static or absolute. That with hard work and perseverance, you can make change happen, in your life and lives of others. She often said, “faith without action is dead.” And no matter how difficult her life’s struggle became, Daisie always recognized that those same obstacles could become a launchpad for success.

It was her family that energized these efforts. A single mother raising eight children alone after her divorce, Daisie often worked two to three jobs at a time, all while attending nursing school, just to provide for her family. Though she came from humble beginnings, she was determined to work her way up to stability, which she did before remarrying – this time, to the love of her life. As for her children and grandchildren, Daisie said that she aimed to raise leaders, not followers, and her lessons were abundantly clear: work hard, persevere, commit, have integrity, and serve others. “Remain humble and kind,” she said. “It will take you far.” Of course, Daisie exemplified these lessons in not only her actions and attitude, but also through her mentorship of other women and children.

Daisie Robinson believed in the power of community, and the importance of making a difference in the lives of others. A true Southern Belle with a passion for huge hats, gloves, shoes, and the perfect silhouette, Daisie took it upon herself to teach, inspire and challenge other women like her to become the best versions of themselves. “The most rewarding fulfillment is knowing how you impacted someone’s life,” she said. But, more importantly, Daisie didn’t want other women and children to experience the same struggles that she had once fought to overcome all alone. So she adopted many women and children in her community to mentor, encourage and bless them.

“Money isn’t the problem,” she once declared. “Women and children need more exposure and opportunities to win!” And that’s exactly what we at the Daisie Foundation have set out to accomplish. Because even though Daisie is no longer with us, she planted a seed with her vibrant spirit, integrity, and faith. And since she was known during her life for unexpected surprises and random acts of kindness, we’re carrying the torch forward through our Mother’s Day Initiative, Leading Ladies Luncheon, and Holiday Random Acts. As Daisie said, “It’s a blessing to be a blessing!” And in her honor, we strive to be exactly that.

To help us continue Daisie’s legacy of empowering women and children, please donate to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization today.